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Heineken Cup Victory 2006 – 10 Years Ago Today

20th May 2016 By Munster Rugby Supporters Club

Heineken Cup Victory 2006 – 10 Years Ago Today

As we look back to when Munster Rugby won the Heineken Cup Final exactly 10 years ago today, we share with Supporters their words of encouragement to that team ahead of the Final against Biarritz Olympique. These emails, letters and quotes from supporters, former players and some other sporting heroes were made into a book by the Supporters Club and given to the team on the way to Cardiff. Can you spot yours?

As we look back to when Munster Rugby won the Heineken Cup Final exactly 10 years ago today, we share with Supporters their words of encouragement to that team ahead of the Final against Biarritz Olympique. These emails, letters and quotes from supporters, former players and some other sporting heroes were made into a book by the Supporters Club and given to the team on the way to Cardiff. Can you spot yours?

“Munsters March to Cardiff 06!
I will be travelling from the USA to be part of this magical experience. The Munster team is very special and it's fantastic to be a supporter of Munster Rugby. I wish the team the best of luck with the remaining preparations for the game.
Thank you for what you have done to date on your journey to Cardiff. Now that you are there I wish you the very best of luck capturing the cup! The Munster supporters will try and do there part in voice in the stands.
Looking forward to it!”
Fergal Gildea

“Best of Luck from the O'Brien Family
Barry O'Brien

“You have reached it lads, all the Munster squad, those of who have played, those who have been injured, those have played in the Celtic League – the entire Munster squad. My heart is racing …. I do not know how you all must feel. I am one of the lucky ones that will be at Cardiff. And all the supporters in the ground and those at home and all over the world are behind you.
We, the supporters will be heard in Cardiff ….heard here in Limerick, Cork and through out all of Ireland. We will bring that passion, love, loyalty, friendship, bond and support to The Millennium Stadium just as you have all played with through each stage of the HC and for the past 11 years.
Believe in yourselves … play your game. "To be brave and faithful, nothing is impossible". My heart, my soul, my love of rugby and mostly my love for Munster wishes you all the best of luck and bring back to Munster what you long deserve … the CUP“
Ann Howlett

“Play with your hearts as always and we will sing with ours. Have been here every step of the way . Best of luck to all of you. I cannot imagine my life without Munster Rugby, I am very lucky. “
Janet Meehan ( Munster fan – living in Dublin! )

“Paulie said it all when said that there is no destiny about winning the Heineken Cup. The players will go out to win. If they don't win, they'll come back next year to try again. If they win, they'll come back next year to try and win again. I feel the same as a Munster supporter. I've never been at a match where I felt the boys didn't give their all. This is all any supporter can ask.

I grew up in Limerick, went to Ardscoil Ris before rugby was allowed, supported Shannon & Munster since the mid 70s, and now live in Dublin. You can't believe the pride you give to the people of Limerick and Munster. I leave my house, wearing my jersey on the way to a game and I can hold my head high.

You've been outstanding this year of all years and have beaten the best there is. Your skill, bravery, work rate, calmness under pressure and concentration have been outstanding all season. You have everything needed to win and we'll all be roaring you on in the stand.”
Jim Moran

“To the Team,
The Munster boys are off to Wales,
Our team is as tough as nails,
Cardiff will be covered in Munster RED
The French should stay at home in BED
We're going to thrash Biarritz
And be Heineken Champions 2006”
Kieran Maloney, Age 7, Cork

“Best of luck to the KINGS of MUNSTER”
Michael O' Keeffe

“Best of Luck to all the Munster Team and a special good luck to Shaun Payne and Anthony Foley as these are my local players. Lets go get them.”
William Carroll Age 10
Ballina, Killaloe, Co. Tipperary

“Hi Lads,
This is the year! I've felt it for months even said Biarritz to the gang. It would really top off a great year for you, Martin and I (we’re getting married). John Kelly I'll be there! Civ Eng Class of 1996 rock on.
Best of luck to all the lads. You’re all an inspiration.”
Aoife Foley

“I cannot tell you how proud and happy your performance against Leinster made me feel.The Munster passion and desire along with skill and cleverness was so evident and so excellently directed into all aspects of the game. The way that you overpowered them from start to finish was absolutely awe-inspiring.
I felt so emotional at the end of the game because the win was tinged with a little sadness because our father died in December. He was a Munster man through and through. And he would have loved to have been there. He loved watching you play. He would have been very proud of your performances against Sale and Leinster because they epitomised everything about that Munster psyche that you know so well. Your winning attitude, fight and bravery meant everything.
Have a great day in Cardiff
Enjoy yourselves
Bring that cup home for yourselves and everyone you represent
Good Luck and Best Wishes”
Anthony O' Callaghan

“Well lads,
Ye have done us proud once again and ye are now only one step from all time glory!! Bring it home lads!!
To the brave and faithful…”
John Silke Galway

“Good Luck
Have a great day
Bring that cup back to where it belongs
All the best”
The O'Callaghan clan in Warrington

“Best of luck to team and panel, its been a long long journey. Let's finish in style.
Stay focused .We will need an extra effort from everybody to win in Cardiff.
Our time has come.
John Ryan, Ennis

Every ceiling, when reached, becomes a floor, upon which one walks as a matter of course and prescriptive right. – Aldous Huxley
“Best of luck to the Munster team, we will be proud of you.”
The Blackwell Family, Altavilla, Askeaton, Co Limerick



John Brady

“To all the lads,
I can't wait to join the other Munster supporters in the stadium, singing, cheering and shouting for our team. Play with passion and claim your prize!”
Julie Abbott, Tadley, Hampshire

“To the Munster Team – Good luck against Biarritz in Cardiff! I hope you win! My Dad will be in Cardiff to watch the match – I will be watching on TV.”
Simon Meagher (age 8), Junior Supporters Member

“To the Munster team and staff
Thanks for all the days in the past that you have lighted up our lives. What a pleasure it is to support a team with such passion and drive. I wish I could predict the result on the 20th but I can predict that, as always you will give your all for yourselves and all those who will cheer you on from all corners of Ireland and beyond.
For that, I, and all the members of the Red Army are eternally grateful. Good luck in Cardiff”
Damien Hanley

“Hi one and all,
Here we go again. At the moment over here, you lot are getting ready for Llanelli this evening, the topic is still getting tickets. You get the drift. Do not despair though because when you take to the pitch it will be like Thomond Park or our second home in Dublin, you know the one. The pressure is on and the nerves are tingling, get it on as soon as possible. Well ya, but this is all part of the game. You're there, we're with ye. No luck in the results to-date just hard graft.
My son Brian has not decided which of the fifteen positions he is practicing in the garden he eventually wants to play in. Most kids like him just love the thought, he learns the songs, waves the flags, and asks who will win on a regular basis. And you know at least with him, it is the taking part that counts. Pity we are older and with our older heads know that a win is so important. It is not beyond any selected Munster team fielded on the day. You have done us all proud, you will do us all proud, we will see the cup on the day and in Thomond the following week.
From myself and Brian, thanks, good luck, graft hard, we and many, many thousands will be supporting you no matter what
Bring it home”
Mark & Brian Stockil

“We know you have the courage, skill, and will to bring the cup home to Munster on the 20th., we will be with you for every ruck, scrum and lineout, urging you on mentally and vocally. Whatever the outcome is you will always be the greatest. To the squad and management " Go neiri an bothar libh".
Up Munster”
Vincent & Patricia Carroll

“Ba Mahith Linn Rugbaí Corca Dhuibhne beir bua a chur go dtí Foireann Rugbaí na Mumhan. Tá súil againn go thughadh siad an cup Heineken abhaile. Támid fiar buíoch dóibh as an glór go léir tríd na blianta.
Just the very best to the team. They have our support because they deserve the cup after what they have brought to the European rugby scene over the years. We are here to reign for years to come.
Here's to those Mighty Men of Munster (& the Great Women)”
Adrian Curran

It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself. -Muhammad Ali
“Lads we know you are the best
Drive on to Cardiff and float home in style with that Cup that you all deserve
To the Brave and Faithful nothing is impossible…..
Come On Munster”
Eoin Collopy Age 9, Cork – St Anthony’s School

“In my heart I feel Munster to win,
In my head I feel Munster to win,
In my bones I feel Munster to win
The feeling in my water! Munster to WIN
Sending you positive vibes to carry you through. Enjoy the game.”
Phil Lynch

“Come on the Boys in Red we all know that you can win the European Final”
Padraic Gallagher, University of Limerick.

Stuart McCallum

“Here's to May 20th. I am confident you are going to WIN, our very best wishes from all the Horan's in Adare, Co. Limerick. Come out with the same attitude you had against LEINSTER and it is yours.”
Máiréad O'Connell Horan

“Best of Luck to the Munster Team!! It will boil down to guts & spirit on the day, and ye have that to spare…….”
Claire Gould

“To all the team ……Go Kick Their Ass!!!!!!
Looking forward to screaming our support in Cardiff!!!!!
U R all brilliant !!!!!!!”
Scott, Ben, Adam, John and Alma Riordan

“Our day has come and we will make it happen!”
Patrick & Janet O'Driscoll

“My name is Niall Campion, I am 8 years old and I play rugby with Clonmel. I was at the semi final and ye were brilliant, now me, my brother and my Mom and Dad are going to see ye win in Cardiff. I hope ye play really well and that ye have loads of luck.
My friend Edward Carroll also says the best of luck too.”
Niall Campion

“You are all a great bunch of lads. You owe nobody anything,. Thanks for the joy and the passion. This one is for yourselves – fight to the end for each other.
We have been privileged to get autographs and photos in places from Toulouse when it wasn’t easy, to Thomond/Musgrave and even before matches in Stillorgan.
The lads promise to make a racket in living room with friends while we are in Cardiff.
Good luck”
Ger, Liz, Barry, Sheila, Aisling and Aoife O’ Shea

“You have made us proud no matter what. Hope you go all the way, it just might be our day, the
ghosts we will lay, come on Munster hold Biarritz at bay. See you in Cardiff.”
Judy Tangney

“All the best to the best. We are with you all the way. STAND UP AND FIGHT.”
Christy O’ Shaughnessy

“Best of luck for the final guys. Ye have done us proud and I know ye will win on the 20th!!!”
Paul McNamara

“Best of luck to Anthony and team. We'll be there cheering you all the way as usual.”
Ryans Bar ( the real Jacksies), Killoscully

“Lads, I cannot make the game in Cardiff but always remember the words of Terence (circa 190 – 159 bc) fortis fortuna adiuvat = fortune favours the brave.
Bring the cup back to me
Molly Lyons, Cork City, aged 7 months (& Mícheál Lyons)

“Dear Paul, I'm Ian, I'm from Dublin I got your autograph when you beat Edinburgh, I am going to Cardiff to see Munster win the Heineken Cup,
Love Ian”
Ian McCrae, Swords, Co. Dublin, Age : 8

“Best of Luck Munster, we know ye can do it”
Eimear Sweeney

“Well Lads,
Well done on making the final it's been a good season so far but let's make it a great one. You know that, come hell or high water, thousands and thousands of us will be in Cardiff on the 20th making sure that you don't feel alone! We have every faith in you all and I know you have the belief in yourselves so go out there and make us even prouder.
Best of luck on the day.”
Peter Wilson

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing. – Abraham Lincoln. Best of luck lads for the final, this is Munster's year this year, I'm sure you'll do us proud!”
Kate, Helen & Ger Wycherley

“Greetings from Doha Qatar. But on the 20th May I will be in Cardiff to see Munster get their just reward, by lifting the Heineken Cup. Good luck to everyone at Munster Rugby. And as they say out here "inschalla" (means "god willing") third time lucky.”
Mossy O'Leary – Currently Doha Qatar – Kenmare Co. Kerry

“Thank you so much for all the wonderful enjoyment and effort over the past number of years. You are a joy to support. You can be sure, as a supporter, that you will always get 100% commitment from Munster. You are a fantastic and easy team to support because of your commitment. I know that if you repeat the performance of the Sale or Leinster games no team will be able to stay with you. If ever a team deserved to win a competition you deserve the Heineken Cup. However I know deserving and realising that are too different things. I have ever confidence in you.
Stand up and fight. I know you can do it.”
Stephen Lyons

John Healy & Killorglin RFC – HOME OF PUCK FAIR

Ger, Pat, Kevin, Brian & Stephen Reidy, Jim, Eamonn, Ian, Henry, Tom, Gerry, Ollie & JP

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. -Coach Darrel Royal
“Lads, best of luck on Sat May 20th, Ye have made the province and country proud again by getting this far Now do yourselves proud and bring home the Cup. Just look up and see the colour and listen to the noise when ye do your warm up before the match, feel the passion. The very best of luck from all in West Limerick. Can’t wait to see Axel lift that cup.
Lets see if they can keep the Munster fans off the pitch at the end of the game!!!!!!”
Eamonn O’ Connor

“Now is your moment , seize it and do us proud.
Best wishes to every member of the Munster Squad”
Mark Fleming

“Lads, I was in Cardiff in 2002, drove through the night to get there in time for the match. The crowd looked like Cork were playing Cork in the all Ireland that day. Thank God I will be there again this year (just got my ticket yesterday, nearly fainted with relief).
I bought a new jersey for the match in 2002 and afterwards swore that I'd not buy a new one until ye won the Heineken Cup……and I stuck to that even though the bloody thing is nearly pink from washing now.
So I’m looking forward to buying a new jersey, one of those lovely 'lady shaped' ones…don’t let me down now! ”
Helen Kiely

“Best of Luck lads .We have been with you from the start and we wish to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU for all the great days ye have given us down the years. Hope you win it out now lads. We’ll be with ye all the way”
Barry, David and Tony O'Driscoll Monaleen

“Lads, Ye don't need me to tell you how important this game is to the people of Munster and those of us in exile (I am a Kerryman living in London) We all know that it won't be for lack of effort. All that I can say is BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES and the rest will follow. With the help of God I will make up part of the sixteenth man on the day(the crowd).The best of luck and do yourselves justice, you already make us very proud.”
Fergal Lynch

“The Boston Irish Wolfhounds Rugby Football Club would like to wish Munster Rugby the very best in their upcoming Heineken Cup Final in Cardiff. The Hounds will be watching the game and supporting Munster from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Good Luck !
Sean Kelly, Wolfhounds Rugby, www.BIWRFC.com

“Lads, Best of luck in the final, we will travel big and be 110% behind ye all the way!!”
Peter Turner

Andy Rea

“I would like to wish the team all the best in the match! I'm sure you'll do us all proud!
To the brave and faithfull nothing is impossible!
Stand up and fight!
Micheal O'Dwyer, Midleton, Cork

“Just to wish you all the very best of luck in Cardiff on May 20th, really looking forward to the weekend and if the atmosphere is half as good as the semi final in Dublin we will be assured a great day out! Hope the training is going well and all the injuries are clearing up..
Siobhan Noonan

“We can. We will. We must.”

Mark T. O’ Brien

“I would like to congratulate all members of the panel and management team for all the entertainment and excitement so far…we are looking forward to a tremendous week-end in Cardiff and will remember all the injured parties who cannot make the first 15 or 22 on the day but who have contributed so much to date.
We will all say a prayer for the right bounce of the ball (on both sides!!) and of course the ref.”
Sean Ahern

“So near… so far! This is the year! As a Munster supporter, Cork born and bred, who is currently living in Dublin, the flak prior to the Semi-final was intense! Since then I am sick of hearing jokes about Munster being like Wonderbras – all of support and no cups!!! We know better, so, let's put this to rest for once and for all! Munster have been THE team of the Heineken European Cup for so many years. As many commentators have said, Munster have enriched the competition by their passion, by their support and by the kind of team they are, but we want our name on that trophy! We've had to overcome the loss of players through injury but we're here, at the final, so let's go the last stage of the journey…
All the best to all the team, management and support staff, and stay injury-free in the run-up to the final!”
Gillian Wharton

“The Munchins boys will not let us down and the cup will come out to Corbally . Good luck to Anthony,Marcus and Jerry .”
John Broderick and Pat Crosse. Coaches of St Munchins College .

“To Axel and all the Lads,
Trying not to be too corny, but I just want to wish you the best of luck from the bottom of my heart, I’ll be with ye all the way, as I am always.”
Brian Roche (Rochie)
Former custodian of Munster jersey

“Hope it's third time lucky lads but whatever happens on the day it has been a joyous adventure around Europe. We were real trail blazers in the early days and some of the plane trips were hilarious. A bumpy one to Cardiff when one of the Press core had a full breakfast and I just saved Keith Wood from a fate worse than death as 'van rouge' almost threw up.
Der Healy kissed the ground on arrival at Cardiff and we lost the match. The many trips to Toulouse have all been eventful and for some reason the square became the place to be as we followed the sun around and had a wee drop of vino.
Our first win on French soil against Colomiers was also a great trip. Claw cried off and Marcus stepped in scoring a great try with an outrageous dummy. At full time Galwey, still in his playing gear, made his way up to the press box at the back of the stand to say “hi” to the folks back in Limerick. There were tears in his eyes as he spoke.
There were tears of a different kind in Kathy O'Donovan's eyes as we flew back from the Stade Francais game in Paris. Another bumpy ride and Kathy had finished off all her sickness tablets. Noel 'Budda' Healy was told to sit down immediately by the Swiss stewardess as the plane was all over the place. Budda told Kathy we were finished and shock my hand saying 'nice knowing you kiddo we're going down'.
Mind you the big planes are better than the ones with the outside toilets which you use for the Celtic League games. I know these are Hendo's favourites. In another life Hendo would make a great pilot.
The triumphant arrivals at Shannon Airport and the thousands of people that waited for the team to arrive and the crack afterwards are other memories that I will never forget.
Lads you have been a credit to the red jersey. Just one more step for Axel and Munster.”
Len Dineen. (Snr)
Former custodian of Munster jersey

“To Declan & the Lads,
Best wishes for the weekend its the final step and I know you will give your best as always
We hope to drink out of the cup in Killaloe (make it the Capital of Ireland again!!!)
Best of Luck
p.s. it is a pity you cannot win the MAIN competition as M CHEEKA says that takes commitment and consistency”
Brendan Foley
Former custodian of Munster jersey

Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it. – George Halas
“The big day of the rugby season is here, and once again we find ourselves fighting for the ultimate title of European champions.
So when you walk out in to the stadium, you must believe, as does the whole of Munster and Ireland, that your day has finally arrived. With just 80 plus minutes to be played, it is down to the team that wants it more. So,
Do it for yourself
Do it for your families
Do it for your supporters
And do it for all the past players, who are willing you on to victory.
To Declan, Holl and staff of Munster Rugby, best of luck today.”
Ugly Man (John O’Neill)
Former custodian of Munster jersey

“Hi lads, Claw here,
The time has come again, hopefully it will be third time lucky,
In all the years I’ve watched ye playing, I must say I never been so proud, Ye all deserve the cup this year, and I say that with my hand on my heart.
Best of luck and sow it into those French bastards”
Peter Clohessy
Former custodian of Munster jersey

“To Anthony and squad
Congratulations on your unsurpassed achievements over the years. I wish you all the very best in the final.”
Tom Kiernan
Former custodian of Munster jersey

Gearoid Towey
Rowing World CHAMPION 1996, 2001

“’I am wounded, but I am not slain. I shall lay me down and bleed a while, then I shall rise and fight again.’
This quote has made me believe that no matter what happens you can always come back stronger and tougher. It has made me believe that it is ok to feel the pain of not reaching the level that you worked so hard for but then there comes a time to fight for it again.
As a team you have all given so much to people from Munster and inspired me many times over the past few years. Everybody is behind ye and willing the team to be just as good as we all know ye can be. I wish everyone of you the best of luck in the final but I know that the mighty Munster do not
need it.
Go out there and fight for what belongs to Munster rugby, a European Cup.
Best Wishes”
Derval O’Rourke
60m Hurdles Indoor WORLD CHAMPION

Anthony Daly,
All-Ireland Hurling CHAMPION

“Lads, you’re all mighty men and I’ve always admired ye greatly. You can’t win anything if you don’t get to the final, as I know well myself, and that in itself is a tremendous achievement.
You’re there now and I hope it happens on the day for ye, clear the last hurdle, no one deserves it more.”
Michael Hourigan
Lisaleen Stables

“There are not many mornings that you wake up knowing that this is a day you have dreamed of for most of your life. The morning of the Heineken Cup Final will be one of those mornings for you.
Your performances have been an inspiration to everyone who dreams of becoming a champion. Now your own turn has come to be champions.
Do not let the occasion overshadow the day. Take control of your fate and turn your dreams into reality.
Laochra na Mumhan abú.
Go neirí go geal libh.”
Seán Óg Ó hAilpín
All-Ireland Hurling CHAMPION

”All the best lads, in your quest for the European Cup. Ye have been an inspiration to all sportspeople in Munster over the last few years. It’s time to finish the job.”
Brian Lohan.
All-Ireland Hurling CHAMPION

“Well done so far lads. We are all very proud of you . We are also grateful because you give us great reason to feel proud to be from Munster. The 80 minutes in Landsdowne Road was the most inspirational sporting event I've had the privilege to be at. I'll never forget it.
You make other sports people want to be better. Best of luck in the final.”
Sam Lynch
2001 World Rowing CHAMPION

“On behalf of everybody associated with the Cork Senior Hurling team I want to wish all the mighty men of the Munster Rugby team all the best in Cardiff . We're certainly all behind you. On a personal note I want to wish luck to Tomás O Leary, the great hurler you took away from us and also to my new friends Donncha O Callaghan and Denis Fogarty.
Oh and by the way the dark might be afraid of Paul O Connell but the Rock isn't!
Beir Bua”
John Allen
All-Ireland Hurling CHAMPION Coach

“I have long since learned that the only lasting thrill that sport has to offer is the thrill of being part of a successful team. The Munster Rugby team is not just a panel of great rugby players and management, but encompasses a whole movement of people from the province whose lives have been enhanced and enriched through their support of the team. All that’s now needed is one massive push to give them all that lasting feeling of elation and
fulfilment that winning brings. Then the thrill will be complete. Best of luck for this to happen on May 20th.”
Ger Loughnane
All-Ireland Hurling CHAMPION Coach

“Words are a bit pointless at this stage for you, lads. Just do your talking on the pitch. You’ve been here before so just go out with huge confidence in your individual and collective ability and work your socks off for the prize at the end.
A prize no one will ever be able to take away from you.
Good luck.”
Dominic Crotty
Former custodian of Munster jersey

“From someone who was fortunate enough to wear with pride the Red Jersey can I wish you all the very best in Cardiff. Having played with the likes of Donal Lenihan, Claw, Gallimh even Jerry Hol for Gods sake!!!!!!! when we were lucky to get a few hundred men & dogs supporting us, it makes me very proud to now support you guys.
Make those of us who went before you smile but more importantly, let those who will come after you aspire to reach the fantastic levels you have reached. Many have tried to put into words what it means to be a 'Proud Munsterman', those who tried have failed, because it cannot be done.

We are special
We are proud
Best of luck,”
Len Dinneen Jnr
Former custodian of Munster jersey

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.
“It is only when you eventually retire that you will fully appreciate exactly what you have contributed to Munster rugby over the past few years. On the field you don't always appreciate the joy, pride and feeling of respect that you have earned for the people of the province.
In sport, teams don't always get what they deserve. In that context Paul O Connell was right when he said "destiny" alone wins nothing. You are now on the edge of something that will stay and be associated with you for the rest of your lives. As a group of people nobody deserves it more. Savour the opportunity.
Best of luck to Anthony and all the lads for Cardiff.”
Donal Lenihan
Former custodian of Munster jersey

“To the Munster team and management.
Best wishes for the final. Remember it is just another big game against another vulnerable French side. The prize only comes afterward.”
Richard Wallace
Former custodian of Munster jersey

“To the Munster squad and management
It’s an interesting journey!!
Keep setting the standards and
Every best wish for the 20th!!”
Michael Kiernan
Former custodian of Munster jersey

“I could never say in words, the pride you have instilled, the way you make us feel and the joy you’ve given us.
No team has worked as hard or deserves the success you deserve. Keep focused and finish the job.”
Pat O’Hara
Former custodian of Munster jersey

It takes something special to earn a Red Jersey, but it takes something extraordinary to wear it to the level that you guys have brought it, every last one of you. The opportunity to cement it as undisputed “Kings of Europe”, doesn’t come very often in a lifetime. Go grab it, for the jersey, for all the supporters, but most of all, do it for yourselves.
Best of Luck,”
Willie Sexton.
Former custodian of Munster jersey

"Lads we are all right behind you. You owe us nothing – do it for yourselves. Stand Up and Fight!"
Killian Keane
Former custodian of Munster jersey

“To play with Munster was both an honour and a privilege and every time one was lucky enough to put on that famous Red jersey, you felt a responsibility to do it justice. To the troops that carry all our hopes and dreams to Cardiff, play this game like it was your last, as this jersey and all it represents deserves the ultimate prize.
Nobody beats Munster twice – be dug out of ‘em!”
Former custodian of Munster jersey.

“In the beginning there was Swansea,
In Thomond Park we beat them handy,
So it was off to France, where we had a great chance, but Corkery couldn’t make the pass!!

Lads, please take us out of our misery, and bring the cup home.”
Kenny Smith,(top scorer in Europe for Munster, 1996)
Former custodian of Munster jersey

“Best wish to Anthony, Declan and all the squad on what promises to be a wonderful day for Munster Rugby”
John Quilligan.
Former President I.R.F.U.

You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them. -Michael Jordan
“Dear Team,
I am a supporter now living in Oxford. I can't tell you how proud I am of the team. You operate at an outstanding level internationally. I know you have the elite skills and concentration necessary to win this. The focus you showed against Leinster proved that. Keep that concentration, keep that respect for the opposition, keep that focus you showed in the semi final, and you will richly deserve the result.
With my very best wishes to you all”
John Raftery

“Good luck in the final lads, the one thing all Munster supporters know is that the boys in Red will never let us down. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.”
The O’ Neill family, West Cork

“To the Munster Team, coaches, management and all the backroom staff,
Best of luck in the Heineken Cup Final in Cardiff. Unfortunately, due to family commitments, I can’t be in the Millennium Stadium to cheer you on. My granddaughter wouldn’t put off her Holy Communion for a year or even consider wearing red on the day.
Ronan, Peter, Mick, Anthony H, Frankie and Decie might tell you that in my days involved with Pres, before the Paddy’s Day final, I would say that the best birthday present the lads could get me was the Senior Cup. They usually delivered (Sorry, Mr. Foley). To see you all win the Heineken cup would now be a very nice belated 70th Birthday present.
Having been Decie’s side kick for years in the early days of his coaching career, I know he won’t have left a stone unturned in preparing you all for the win. Thanks to all involved for the exciting games we have watched so far. One last concentrated monumental effort in Cardiff and it will be mission accomplished. Good Luck! We will be cheering you on at home.
All the Best”
Paddy Attridge

The last decade has been amazing.
YE have not only brought MUNSTER & IRELAND TOGETHER,
from a RUGBY point of view, BUT ye have BROUGHT all SPORTS together.
In my eyes that is what it’s all about.
For yourselves first & all Munster Fans, Ye will do it.
Best of Luck.”
Philip Shier, (ex Irish Hockey International from Limerick)

Mazz O’ Doherty

“To Donnacha and all team mates.
Good luck – we know you can do it – just believe in yourself.
Wish we could be there but will be with you in spirit all the way”
The Bohanes

“Mo cháirde go léir.
Good luck to THE most wonderful team in the world.
Against Northampton it nearly happened, but fair play the opposition did enough to win the game. Narrowly missing out in Toulouse was a hard pill to swallow, but Toulouse were maybe the better team on the day. The loss in Cardiff in 02 left a sour taste due to happenings at end, but that day Leicester did play the better rugby.
This campaign has been magic. The evening in Thomond vs. Sale was heaven, the battle with Perpignon was tense and the encounter with Leinster was "controlled fury" the like of which I don't expect to see during what's left of my life.
So take that fury and explode into what remains of this competition and emblazon the names of greatest team on earth on this trophy and year.
Let losing not be an option, so leave it for the other side.
Munster Abú.”
James O' Keeffe, Fethard, Co. Tipperary.

“Hi Lads
Keep the dream alive…We have had a fab ride so far following Munster..
And the dream of glory still burns Brightly.
Pride & passion in the jersey is what we know we will get from both team and
supporters alike.
Sean O’ Neill

“Good luck and best wishes .I know you will be winners this time .
Stand up and fight!
Pat Browne

“Lads, It's a good job my daughter didn't plan to marry on the Big Day.
Ruth is getting married on Monday 22nd May in Spain. I have informed herself and her mother that I can't join them until Sunday night because there are important things on beforehand.
But it'll be a great "Father of the Bride" speech when we've won the Cup.
May the Force be with you on the day.”
Mick Hegarty, Galway Branch, Munster Supporters.

“Your going to Brrrritz the opposition away on the 20th May and we're all heaving with you lads
Go get 'em.
Best of Luck”
Tom & Mary O'Doherty, Newmarket, Co. Cork.

“You have thrilled us all this year (and every other year) with wonderful displays of courage, bravery and outstanding rugby.
You are a supremely talented bunch of individuals who never know when to give up.
Best of luck on the 20th Vs Biarritz – I will be roaring you on with all my heart.
You can do it !!”
John Greene, Cappoquin Co. Waterford and Clonsilla, Dublin 15

It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. – John Wooden
“Happy Days on the road with Munster – wherever you go your supporters will be there with you !
Good luck to all of the players, the management team, and supporters.
You'll get back what you've put in!
Bring it on!!”
Conor Kavanagh

“This one, the Final, is for you the team and squad and for all those who have proudly worn the red
of Munster in the past. One more time – Stand up and fight.”
Jonathan White – Limerick born, exiled in Dublin.

“This is our mission, we have come here before but without a doubt never before with such a clear view to as what we want. Eighty minutes on the pitch, we are playing another rugby game, not a titanic meeting of giants but a game of rugby between you and Biarritz Olympique. I know and you know Munster can win this.
Play your hearts out lads. We will be shouting from the stands with 70,000 other Munster fans, this
will be the biggest attendance you will ever have of Munsterfans at a game, enjoy it
Qui ne saute pas n'est pas un Munsterman!”
Mark Twohig

Shane O' Sullivan 12, Plays with Highfield, Cork

“Never has a Munster team been presented a better year that this to hold the Cup. The team is fired up, confident, have world-class skill and most importantly, attitude, to win this game. Forget about all the other teams; just treat it like you've been doing in the past – One match at a time. You've proved to the Munster Supporters and most importantly yourselves that this team is the best rugby team in the Europe on a good day but it is time to prove it to the rest of Europe and win the cup.
You have made a lot of people eat their words over the past few years on numerous occasions(Leinster in the Semi Finals). This is not going to be any different. Hold your heads high and be proud, this is Munster's year.
The game is yours.”
Darren Desmond, Cork

“My name is Maeve Moran and I'm aged 7. I live in Dublin but my Dad is from Limerick and my mammy is from Tipperary. They are going to the match in Cardiff. I hope you win the match.
Best of luck”
Maeve Moran (aged 7), Conor Moran (aged 10), Eoghan Moran (aged 1)

“I first saw Munster play in Thomond Park 50 years ago. That day they had lots of individual flair, a passion for the red of Munster and were willing to put their bodies on the line for the team! The opposition were mighty but Munster's guts and team spirit prevailed.
You come from a long line of players who were gifted the opportunity to wear that red jersey. You have always lived up to the tradition of '56 and '78 but now the big test is here.
You are not the favourites as Biarritz are a brilliant team with 15 outstanding players – BUT – the courage, the skill and the passion are part of what you are and even the mighty All Blacks can be beaten!
Stand up and fight Munster, bring that Heineken Cup home to Thomond and Musgrave. Let another Munster legend be born.”
John G. Mulligan, Limerick, living in Dublin

“Best o' luck boys in Cardiff on may 20th.give em' loads of it (Paul O’Connell ur a legend!!!)”
Paul Creed, age 15, Cashel RFC

“Hello Boys, So we see that you've proven the naysayers wrong once again. It must be pretty satisfying. Well, we can be certain that the fear of God is in the hearts of the Biarritz ones as we speak. All I can say is that a chill goes up my spine every time I think about what you've accomplished. You are all about pride and courage. We supporters could not be prouder. See you in Cardiff.”
Richie Price

“Only the Pope himself created the kind of havoc in Limerick that you lads have achieved. Even at that, he wouldn't have got the same response in Lansdowne Road… Your sermons pack more of a wallop! We hope to show the necessary aggression in the stands… We're going to make a live-aid concert look like a ceili night in Abbeyfeale!
Nothing would mean more to our band of mucksavages then to see you champions. We're bringing our 'Pride' flag that some of you may have seen in Toulouse airport, half of us have tickets but all of us will be there with you. We are deeply honoured to be a part of this. We'll be in bits when we get back. Pity the Pope never played for Munster.
Best of luck”
Paul O'Keeffe

First of all I want to congratulate you all on getting to the final, yet again! That said, it's only a final, nothing has been won, now the real hard work begins. You all know this, you don't need a supporter to tell you that! You will be up again the best team in France, current champions, who haven't lit up the competition as of yet but are due a BIG game, which could at the Final. They will be confident and expecting to win. They will be expecting Munster to lose AGAIN.
As a supporter of Munster all my life, I will be behind you, as will every other Munster supporter, 100% regardless of the outcome of the game but I know, that this year you guys are the most professional and talented team Munster have ever produced and with that you will prevail in the final.
I know that this competition owes Munster nothing, you have to go out there and earn it. While I know you guys will give 100% for the jersey, Munster, family, friends and the fans, how about an extra incentive, go out there and win it for yourselves….Prove to everyone in rugby that Munster can be champions of Europe…..
Good luck guys……See you in Cardiff!”
Tom Keating

“Best of luck in the final. If any team deserves it Munster do. Their fans alone make the game worth watching.”
Paul McLoughlin, Leinster Fan

As long as I can focus on enjoying what I'm doing, having fun, I know I'll play well. – Steffi Graf
“To the Munster squad:
One more game,
More of the same,
One more time,
To put yourselves on the line

One more gesture,
One more fight,
One more chance to put the record right

This is your cup,
This is your story,
We believe in you,
We'll share in your glory

On behalf of every Munster fan- your friends, your kind, your family.
Good luck on the day”
Trevor, Sue and Aishling Lynch

“Hi Guys (The full Squad and all the back up team, that is)
I am currently in a hotel room in Okinawa, Japan and will be rejoining my ship the British Merlin here this afternoon. I was at the semi final and what a match it was. I was hoarse for 3 days after the match. The atmosphere at the match was incredible.
Whilst I will not be at the Final in person ….. I will be in Spirit…. I am not sure where the ship will be for the match, but I would hope that we will at least be able to get some radio coverage of the match.
Having been at home for the last week, I could sense the buzz around Limerick growing already. Tickets for the game was yet again high on the conversation agenda. (sometimes the only item)
I am confident that the level of support for you at the game in Cardiff will be as impressive as it was at Landsdowne.
My hope for the team is that you will be as focused for the final as you were for the semi.
It is now up to you guys …… to go and deliver……..”
Captain Eoin Davis, British Merlin

“Good Luck Munster,
You have made the past 8 years of my life a joy !!!!
Never have a sporting team displayed such courage, passion and total dedication to a cause, for each other , the fans and country you are role models to young and old ,and I am so proud to be able to call myself a Munster fan
Good luck in Cardiff !!”
Mark Meehan

“You have done us proud. We just know you will do it. If you play like you can, you will do it if you play your best. We will always support you. We will cheer you on to the end, through every tackle, every ruck, every maul, every line break, … but for your place kicks we will be quiet, silent, until you put the ball between the posts.
Do your best, don't lose sleep. Your support is assured. Give your best, as we will give ours. Nothing will be left behind us, especially the silverware. It's going West.”
Matthew Murphy

“To the Munster Team
The Red Army are on the march to Cardiff to support you in the Heineken Cup Final on 20th May. We know that you will give your all on the day.
We, the supporters, will also do our bit. After the Semi Final Jim Williams said "It was incredible, the noise was unbelievable. Very rarely have I seen anything like that in my rugby career. I played in front of 109,000 people in the Sydney Olympic stadium for a Bledisloe Cup game, but the 48,500 in Lansdowne Road were just as noisy." I will let you in on a little secret:
Lads you ain't seen nothin' yet,
You ain't heard nothin' yet,
Cardiff's something that you never gonna forget.
Good luck and best wishes”
Robert Gloster

“From your friends in Clare. Was there for the Leicester game and will be behind ye all the way for this one.
You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Ryano, (John Ryan)

“Hi Guys;
The best of luck in the Heineken Cup and make sure ye bring the cup back with ye and John Hayes better bring it to Cappamore & Doon ok.”
Mary Slattery

They can because they think they can. -Virgil
“The time for nerves has passed.
The time for hard luck stories is behind us.
This is our hour, this is the time to stand up and be counted one and all, players, management, medics, and supporters.
We all have our part to play, none more so than you guys out there on the field in the Millennium Stadium who can help right the wrongs of the past by finally bringing the trophy to the home of the best supported and most passionate team in world rugby.
So boys cometh the day, cometh the man.
Stand up and fight out there on the park because you know we'll be there behind ye as your 16th man.
Allez Les Rouge….Mumhan Abu….Lets rattle em.”
Fergus Turner

“To the team;
Best of luck boys for the final! Do your best and bring home that cup to us that's long overdue! We will be behind ye all the way.”
Alan Foley

“Go forward with brave hearts and BELIEVE!! See you on the 20th”
Carol Bohmrich

“Another step on the journey and we will be with you all the way. Look around you in the Millenium Stadium and we will be everywhere! Max Boyce will probably turn up to sing thinking Wales are in town that day, there will be so much red. Thanks for everything.”
Richard & Trish, Ballinacarriga, Co. Cork

“Good Luck to you all in Cardiff for this fantastic occasion!
We will all be behind you 110% of the way.”
Fitzmaurice Family, Waterford

Make us proud again lads, just once more, like ye have never failed to do before…”
Tady Walsh

Take no prisoners lads, they're no relation!!!!”
Kieran Hogan

“Good Luck In Cardiff lads, I know you will make us proud!!!!!!!!
Up Munster!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Mark Nolan

“Wishing you all the very best for 20th May. Let’s hope we can bring the cup home. You have the skill and passion to win it and all of the supporter from far and near will be shouting their heads off for you.
Best of Luck”
Marie Burke

“To the Men of Munster,
The time is now, no turning back. Stand up and fight one more time, the end is in sight. So with bated breath we hope you take the chance, to join the
land of immortals.
Best of luck, we're behind you 100% of the way.”
Stephen McBrien, Dublin & Leitrim

“Come on Munster we are going to win the Heineken cup
Who is going to stop us??
Gerry and Paschaline Fitzgerald, Bandon

“Does it get any better than this?
I don't think so. I am sure you have all heard this many times but do ye realise the positive effect your achievements have on the lives of all your supporters. I don't mean in an incidental hobby kind of way but your achievements and more over your efforts lift the daily lives of us all.
Its an extraordinary testament to what you players deliver week in week out.
You cannot believe the effect you have had throughout the province for the past number of years. How young kids are throwing rugby balls around the estates, and wanting to grow up and play for their local clubs and Munster. How grown men feel enormous pride in what you have made the jersey mean
Yes you inherited a great tradition but mark my words you have already made that tradition legendary by your efforts.
You are a great team and great teams achieve great things when they believe
Munster abu”
Mike Webster, Grenane, Kenmare, Co Kerry

“Best of luck. I know ye can do it”
John Paul and Gary McBride, Carrigaline Co. Cork

“"Victory starts in the head, it's a state of mind. It then spreads with such radiance and such affirmations that destiny can do nothing but obey"
Go Munster Go!!!”
Kathryn Connolly, Loughmore-Castleiney, Co. Tipperary

“We're all hugely proud of you; best of luck on 20th”
Jan O'Sullivan T.D., Limerick East

“Best of luck from the McCarthys of Ringabella, we will see you there.”
Tom McCarthy

“To the squad
It was an incredible achievement against Leinster. You played some of the finest rugby ever seen from a Munster team. Now once again we have reached the final. We know you will give your all. You will again show what Munster rugby means – the team playing as one man with total commitment, determination, skill and above all the passion that you have made your own.
Again we will be there roaring you on, singing our songs and supporting you with all our hearts and our prayers, playing our part as the 16th (and maybe even the 17th) man. We are proud to be from Munster and you reinforce that pride every time you step onto the pitch.
You know that whatever the result, we will be there the next time and the time after that, because your passion and commitment is reflected in us – your Red Army.”
Paul McCarthy, Currabinny, County Cork

"I've never known a man worth his salt who in the long run, deep down in his heart, didn't appreciate the grind, the discipline… I firmly believe that any man's finest hour – this greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle, victorious." — Vince Lombardi
“Good luck lads…give ‘em hell. to the brave and faithful….”
E. Fogerty

“Nearly bankrupt but so what I could have spent it on worse things. Guys, you are magic, you give us so much pleasure (we'll forget the occasional panic attack), just one more to go, good luck and remember we are with you all the way, see you in Cardiff.”
Ann Pasley

“Lads just to say best of luck against Biarritz. Ye as players are getting the chance to live our dreams and play in the red shirt. Ye can make history on the 20th but whatever the result ye will always be our warriors and personally speaking I could not wish for better individuals to represent me and my province.
Go do it”
Conor Reale

“You have shown that when you play well, you will not be beaten.
One more game. One more honest Munster performance. One more day of playing well.
Then we can all celebrate in Victory.
Thank you”
Tony McGrath


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