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MRSC 20/21 Membership Renewal Details

3rd June 2020 By MRSC

MRSC 20/21 Membership Renewal Details

Dear member,

Dear member,

We hope you all continue to be well in these difficult times.

First may we say a big thanks to the thousands of you that took your own time to complete our recent survey – the information we can take from your input has been great, and it has helped us enormously in shaping our offering to you and formulating our plans during this challenging time.

Here are 3 top highlights of our survey results for you:

  • Nearly 80% of MRSC responders have had season tickets for 5 year +, this consistent support is the core of the Red Army and our MRSC family and is vital to the support of Munster Rugby.
  • Over 90% of respondents wanted to renew their season ticket/membership.
  • 80% of our responders listed that the connection with the club and our community is a huge reason they purchase a season ticket/membership – which we can take great pride in as a Supporters club that we have all helped to create.

Next Steps:

We would like to communicate to you today our approach to our annual renewals and the decisions you can make regarding games that did not go ahead due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as we believe that the options we have developed offer the best solution and value to our members.

We are working to develop the best format possible for season tickets under government guidelines and we will continue this work through the various stages of the government’s roadmap to ease restrictions.

Priority access to any tickets that we can make available following government guidelines will be offered to 2020/21 members.

By renewing your MRSC membership for the coming year, and maintaining it for the following season, you will also secure your seats for the 2021/22  season ahead of the renewal process for that season,  which we know is important, not only for your own seat or terrace location but also for the shared friendships and community that we are all so proud of.

Renewal of the Associate membership of the MRSC will open once this initial renewal phase ends for Full members on June 25th.

We have worked closely with the MRSC committee and we were strongly guided by the feedback we have got from you from our recent survey to develop these options and to help us craft our approach to when we can offer tickets to members.

MRSC committee:

“As always please don’t underestimate the value of the MRSC to our Club and Province. We provide an unwavering support and are a central part and pivot in the success and future success of Munster Rugby.

“Our signing up to the MRSC as members for this season allows Munster to move forward assured that the Red Army are with them step by step, and as the Covid-19 approach alters in the coming months we will be ready to share in this journey together.”

We will now take you step by step through the options below and you can be sure that we will support you in this process in the coming weeks if you have queries or questions.

Your Options:

All season tickets holders for the 2019/20 season will be offered a credit/refund for the Guinness PRO14 fixtures that were cancelled owing to the COVID-19 crisis. Should you take a credit option, the credit will remain in your account for 24 months.

We have developed 5 options for members to choose what they would like to do. The deadline to take up one of these options to renew your membership and secure your seats/terrace locations expires on the 25th of June:

  • Your MRSC account will be credited with the amount owed from the cancelled 2019/20 fixtures. You can then use some of this credit to pay for your MRSC membership for 2020/21 (€50 plus Ticketmaster service charge of €5.50) and leave the balance in your account to pay for future ticket purchases.

  • You can leave the entire amount owed in your account to use for future ticket purchases and pay for your 2020/21 MRSC membership separately.

  • You can choose to pay for your 2020/21 MRSC membership with your credit and leave the remaining balance, if any, to the club. This option is to facilitate supporters who expressed a desire to support the club financially at this time.

  • You can choose to leave the amount owed from the 2019/20 season with the club and pay for your 2020/21 MRSC membership separately. This option is to facilitate supporters who expressed a desire to support the club financially at this time.

  • You can request a refund for the cancelled 2019/20 fixtures and not take up the option of renewing your MRSC membership for the 2020/21 season.

We fully understand that everyone’s circumstances are different and that this is a trying time. We deeply appreciate the messages of support we have received from our members during this unprecedented time.

If you are owed less than the price of membership (€50) you can use your amount owed and pay the balance. The amount that you will be credited into your account is the price of each match ticket minus the 25% saving you make on season tickets.
As always, the only way to retain your seat/terrace location is to renew your MRSC membership. By renewing your MRSC membership for the coming year and retaining it for the following year you will again secure your seat/terrace location for the 2021/22 season.

Once the approach to matches for the 2020/21 season regarding supporter attendance becomes clear in terms of government restrictions, your MRSC membership will provide priority access for available tickets.

We are working hard on MRSC exclusive events and competitions, to add to our existing communications in the coming months to keep members of the community of the MRSC connected with each other

What happens Next:

You can log into your MRSC account now and choose your desired option.

As we are working remotely the following email address and contact numbers are set up to help you if you are having difficulties with the process:

Email: mrsc@munsterrugby.ie

Phone: 061-421179; 061-421173; 061-421174
Please note that the telephone numbers above will be operational from June 4th at 9AM and will be accessible from 9AM-5PM on weekdays.

You can also email one of the following MRSC email addresses in which case an MRSC committee member will do their best to help you:



Read our FAQs here

Read a guide on how to renew online here.

So, for now, thanks for reading the information above – we know that these are difficult times for us all but with your support, we will come out of this stronger together.


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