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Red Army Weekend – How You Can Help!

10th October 2019 By paul ring

Red Army Weekend – How You Can Help!

Hi Folks,

Hi Folks,

An update for you  –  how you can help the MRSC create something special on a weekend of European Rugby action ?? Here’s how you can help 🙂

We have been so overwhelmed by the amount of people that wish to host a Racing 92 supporter for free in their homes – our Red Army family never fail to amaze us with your support.

So the good news is that we have 50 Racing supports wishing to avail on the Saturday night with us 🙂 in the main for the one night because  the majority of Racing Support are  flying late into Dublin and staying in Dublin on Friday night arriving in Limerick early Saturday

As a one night approach we are seeking more folks from the Limerick and surrounding areas versus the so kind offers from around the province we have received.

We will reach out to all persons that have offered early next week with thank you emails and if you’re in the core geographic area of the game details on how to collect your visitor etc..

We are working hard to create a showcase for the weekend before and after the match with Munster Rugby that will allow us to all share in such a collaboration – please see the information of how you can help below


Your MRSC committee

What do I need to do to participate ?

Please send us the following information  to  the mrscchair@munsterrugby.ie email address :

Name :
Membership number:
Host dates available:
Beds available :
Contact no:
Comments :

All information on hosts and guests will be facilitated via the MRSC committee  only and our Racing supporter groups points of contact only


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