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Frequently Asked Questions: Membership and Season Tickets

21st March 2017 By Munster Rugby Supporters Club

Frequently Asked Questions: Membership and Season Tickets

We have put together some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding membership renewals. This document will be updated with any relevant information over the coming weeks.

We have put together some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding membership renewals. This document will be updated with any relevant information over the coming weeks.

Where and how do I log in to renew my Membership?

  1. Go to www.mrsc.ie
  2. Click on "Member Login"
  3. Login using your Membership ID Number/Email and Password

I have forgotten my password

Your password is the same password that you have always logged in with. However, if you have forgotten your password, please click Forgotten Password and enter your email address. A temporary password will be sent to you automatically.

If I wish to move my seat/location, when can I do this?

If you wish to move your seats/location or view what is available to move to, you can do so by clicking on the 'Buy Ticket/Membership' tab in your MRSC Account (you need to do this before you pay the invoice in your account). This will be available from Tuesday 21st March when renewals open. The best available tickets will be available for you to view.

Should you choose a new seat/terrace, your existing seat will be released back automatically. You must move all your tickets to the new location, the option to move for PRO12 and not European Cup (or vice versa) is not available.

If I don't renew my membership during the retain period what happens?

Your current tickets are released and you can select new tickets from what is available from 12th April until renewals close in May.

All existing Associate Members will be offered the choice of upgrading to Full Membership when they log in to renew. If you choose to upgrade you must;

  1. Ignore your current invoice and click on Buy Tickets/Membership
  2. Choose either the Seat or Terrace event
  3. Choose your section and your match pack

I didn't renew last year, can I now renew my old ID number?

No, unfortunately the opportunity to regain your old membership number is gone. You can join as a new member from Wednesday April 12th as a new Full or Associate Member.

I wasn't a member of the Munster Rugby Supporters Club before – when can I join?

New members can join the Supporters Club from Wednesday 12th April at 12pm until we close in May. You can email mrsc@munsterrugby.ie to be put on a list to be reminded closer to the date.

I have more than one membership, why do I need a unique email address per membership?

In order to avoid duplicate accounts, the system requires that an email address can only be registered once. Therefore, where a member has their email registered to multiple membership accounts, you must provide an unique email address for each member.

I am a lead purchaser for my friends, how do we renew this season to ensure we are seated together?

You all need to log in separately and renew your own memberships or you can log in for your friends with their log-in details. If you are currently sitting together you can renew with the same tickets/seats.

If you wish to change seats, it is important to co-ordinate each members own ticket selection in order to get tickets seated together.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my membership or season tickets?

Munster Rugby Supporters Club Office by phone 021-4323737 or email mrsc@munsterrugby.ie

Thank you for considering renewing or joining for the upcoming season. #NoClubWithoutU


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