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Meeting Points For Clermont Auvergne v Munster

2nd December 2014 By Munster Rugby Supporters Club

Meeting Points For Clermont Auvergne v Munster

The time is nearly upon us when the Red Army march on Clermont once again.

The time is nearly upon us when the Red Army march on Clermont once again.

Please find information below on the MRSC agreed meeting points for the city centre area.

One of the exciting and unique experiences that we hope you avail of is the formal invite we have received from the ASM Supporters Club to join their members in the main square in the city of Clermont–Ferrand on the day of the match as outlined below and for both clubs accompanied by local bands to parade and march the 20 minutes to the ground. You can see from the article below that the ASM supporters are very excited for our third visit!

Come and join the ranks of the Yellow Army Sunday, December 14th when we welcome Munster and its famous Red Army! The Interclub supporters, in partnership with the City of Clermont-Ferrand, ASM-Rugby and the Munster Rugby Supporters Club, invites you to walk together before the second leg of this European Cup match.

For the first time in Clermont, supporters will march in a festive atmosphere & friendly rugby spirit together to the sounds of our local bands and drums.
See you at 13:30 Place de Jaude to come share this moment with the fans of both clubs, which will colour and enliven the city center before engulfing the Stade Michelin with our passionate support!”

Meeting Points:

Cafe Pascal : A local rugby bar on one of the 2 main squares in Clermont (Place de Jaude) A favourite for travelling fans, it has usually been full of singing Munster men and women on our previous visits.

  • Totally refurbished at the beginning of this year.
  • Beers at 5€; including Guinness and Murphy's Red (the 2nd 2 drinks are normally 6€;)
  • They will put up an extra bar in front of the café (under a gazebo type structure). They have lots of seats outside with awnings over them.
  • Open Saturday and Sunday until late

The Still : "Irish Pub” http://www.still-pub.com/

  • Carlsberg 4.50€;
  • Guinness 5.50€;
  • Open Saturday and Sunday until late

Derilium Cafe : (owned by the Clermont prop Domingo). http://www.deliriumcafe-clermont-ferrand.com/

  • 12 beers on draught and many more in bottles.
  • Narrow with a small staircase going to the 2nd floor upstairs.
  • On a street between the 2 main squares so very central.
  • Open Sat late – not sure about Sunday yet – might depend on the result!

All of these bars are within about 400m of each other.

General Tourist Information

Clermont-Ferrand is located on the top of an extinct volcano in the Massif Central region of France. The area is well known as the home of Michelin tyres but something may not be aware of is that the famous guide books of the same name were originally designed to encourage people to use their cars for tourism, and in the process use more tyres!

Clermont is a university town and is home to some of the most passionate rugby people you could meet. Munster supporters who were fortunate enough to make previous visits in December will remember the weekend which, although involving freezing temperatures, was one of the standout trips in our Heineken Cup history. Following the frequent clashes between the two sides in recent times, many supporters argue that Clermont is among the top rugby destinations in Europe.

From the 30th of November the popular Clermont Christmas markets with more 70 decorated chalets will be taking place in Place de la Victoire (Victory Square), Enjoy a ‘vin chaud’ while you take in the crafts and souvenirs from local sellers.



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