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Update From MRSC Committee On AGM

11th August 2020 By MRSC

Update From MRSC Committee On AGM

Dear Friends & MRSC members ,

Dear Friends & MRSC members ,

It’s been a strange time, one where we all try our best to live within the guidelines and necessities of Covid. In some ways it’s been a time for us to recharge from watching live rugby as we look forward now to the 22nd of August and the renewed intensity of a Leinster game in Dublin

We’ve all been watching some classic matches over the past few months and looking back on these magic days only reinforces how special our club is and how these days are indelibly marked in all our memories.

This year our renewals took a different path with membership offerings aligned with the refund approaches of last season. Thank you for your commitment and loyalty to Munster Rugby by resigning and your decisions in terms of refunds which was deeply appreciated and gives Munster another reassurance of  our Support being solid and consistent in the current changing landscape.

We are working with our Munster Rugby points of contact on how we can achieve the maximum MRSC presence into games when government guidelines allow and it is important to us to keep you informed as soon as we have news in this area

This is the time of year when we pause and take stock of our own MRSC goals and targets within the framework of our annual general meeting to share and discuss with you how we believe we are going , like most items in Covid times we will be seeking a new path this year that will have the goals of –

1) Keeping you fully informed of the past 12 months

2) Give you an open opportunity to give us feedback on your club and receive answers to your queries by email

3) Help us in shaping the coming season / year for the MRSC

4) Commentary  from Munster Rugby on how we are adding value to the broader Munster organisation as a Supporters club

How will we set out to achieve above :

Next week all full members as per our constitution will receive an info pack / newsletter to their emails – within this will be :

  • Review of the MRSC season
  • Our key metrics on membership types
  • Our MRSC family and Community Insight
  • Our goals for the coming season

From receipt of the info pack you have a period to send us in questions  / queries by email to which you will receive an individual response to from the MRSCWe will then  bucket all the questions up  and video respond to those question types with the appropriate persons which we will send to all our full members

We know this is not the normal AGM model of a face to face meeting , taking into consideration the Covid precautions we believe this is the best approach and we have a chance to include our thousands of full members in the communications over the next few weeks versus the percentage that kindly would attend the face to face meeting

For now please take care and stay connected with us – This is your Club and we value your feedback greatly

Your MRSC Committee


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